Parliamentarians from 14 countries call on Russia for protecting religious minorities

Posted on 14th October 2017  Source EIFRF/FOB/FORB, October 13, 2017 Council of Europe cross-party initiative: Parliamentarians from 14 European countries call upon Russian government to put an end to religious freedom violations against minorities On Friday 13 October, 28 parliamentarians at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, coming from 14 European countries and[…]

A Jehovah’s Witness Wins the Battle for Bloodless Surgery in Catalonia

The awardee of one of the three 2016 Religious Freedom Awards, the attorney Iván jiménez-Aybar, achieves another victory for religious freedom and non discriminated treatment. Article written by Jesús G Albalat (J. G. Albalat – @jgalbalat ) (translated with Google) ORIGINAL The woman asked to be operated on public health and, in the absence of[…]