30 October, 2016



          The Religious Freedom Awards are given to persons or groups that stand out because of their track record of promotion and defense of the Religious Freedom and the Conscience.

          Persons and groups who are awarded are elected by those who have been awarded in past editions, which means that the jury is more and more qualified with the past of time.


D. Oscar Celador Angón – 2016


D. Fernando Arias. Fund. Pluralismo y Convivencia – 2016

D. Iván Jiménez-Aybar

D. Iván Jiménez-Aybar – 2016


Mercedes Murillo Muñoz

2015 – Dña. Meercedes Murillo Muñoz

Salvador Tarodo

2015 – Dpto. Derecho Eclesiastico Univ. León – D. Salvador Tarodo

Mr. Peter Hodkin











Isabel Ayuso Puente

2014 – Dña. Isabel Ayuso Puente

Dionisio Llamazares

2014 – D. Dionisio Llamazares Fernández

Ricardo Garcia Garcia

2014 – D. Ricardo García García