30 October, 2016

Laws and Jurisprudence

Spanish Constitution:

Title I. About the fundamental Rights and Duties
Chapter Second. Rights and freedoms
Section 1st About the fundamental rights and public freedoms
Article 16
-Freedom of ideology, religion and worship is guaranteed, to individuals and communities with no other restriction on their expression than may be necessary to maintain public order as protected by law.
-No one may be compelled to make statements regarding his or her ideology, religion or beliefs.
-No religion shall have a state character. The public authorities shall take into account the religious beliefs of Spanish society and shall consequently maintain appropriate cooperation relations with the Catholic Church and other confessions.




Imagen de Diccionario de religionesDictionary of Religions (SPA)

Resource from the Foundation Pluralism and Coexistence, developed by Professor Francisco Díez de Velasco -Full Professor of History of Religions of the University La Laguna (Tenerife)-,  which provides reference information about the history, beliefs and internal diversity of the religious denominations.