8 August, 2019

Prof. Miguel Rodríguez Blanco

Bachelor of Law (1997) and Doctor of Law (1999) from the University of Oviedo in both cases with Extraordinary Prize.

Professor of State Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Alcalá since 2008.

In 2006 Arturo Carlo Jemolo Award from the University of Turin.

In 2013 Julián Marías Award of the Community of Madrid. Visiting professor at the University of Cardiff, Paris Sud, Milano, Siena, Oviedo and Insubria. More than 150 publications in the field of their specialty. Among them, the following books stand out: “Religious freedom and confessions. The legal regime of places of worship ”(2000); “The agreements between the Public Administrations and the religious confessions” (2003); “Religious confessions in the framework of the legal regime of patronage” (2005); “Law and religion. Notions of Ecclesiastical Law of the State ”(2013) and“ Legal regime of cemeteries and graves ”(2015).

Since 2011 he is part of the European Consortium for Church and State Research ”. He is deputy director of the State Ecclesiastical Law Yearbook. At the University of Alcalá he has been Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law, Deputy to the University Ombudsman, General Secretary and Delegate of the Rector for Patronage.