Marcos Gonzalez, acceptance speech of the prize Religious Freedom Awards 2019

Professor Marcos González, Prof. Religious Freedom Law Autonomous University of Madrid, receiving his award said that “It is with pride that I accept this award as it has already been given to great professors…“. He also pointed out that “in Spain more and more churches are seen in the cities and this headquarters [of the[…]

Adoracion Castro Jover – acceptance speechof the prize Religious Freedom Awards 2019

Full Professor Adoracion Castro Jover, emphasized that “It is a paradox that an award must be given for the defense of religious freedom in a democracy…” and that “We must continue to fight for the [religious] minorities who still do not find the space they deserve in Spain.” Completing her presentation and thanks, she reflected on[…]

Miguel Angel Aguilar – acceptance speech of the prize Religious Freedom Awards 2019

The State Prosecutor Miguel Ángel Aguilar, possibly one of the most reknowned persons in Spain for his work and knowledge on discrimination and hate crimes, in his prize acceptance speech expressed that he was particularly “concerned with the hate speech through social media”… “there are messages aimed at promoting hate, discrimination, hostility and some times[…]

A Public Prosecutor and Two Professors Receive the 2019 Religious Freedom Awards organized by the Church of Scientology and its Foundation.

Este viernes se hizo entrega de la 6ª edición de los Premios de Libertad Religiosa en España Madrid, 6 September 2019. The three awardees at the Religious Freedom Awards event were two specialists in Ecclesiastical State Law (Constitutional Law on Religious Freedom) and probably the most active prosecutor in all Spain (if not in Europe)[…]